Biomass Fuel P16 in Staffordshire

Biomass fuel in Cheshire

At P.H. Winterton & Son, we take great pride in being a leading supplier of biomass fuel P16 in Staffordshire and surrounding areas. Great for use as animal bedding, mulches and fuel, every batch of our biomass fuel P16 is of an exceptionally high standard. With over 50 years’ experience working with farmers and industries across the UK, you can rest assured that by choosing P.H Winterton & Son for your biomass fuel, you will be choosing a trusted supplier.

Using P16 Woodchips for Biomass Fuel

P16 woodchips commonly consist of the following:

  • 75% of the total volume of woodchips being between 3.15mm and 16mm
  • Less than 12% of the woodchips will be less than 3.15mm

As a heating resource biomass fuel is very competitive with natural gas with typical applications such as heating small groups of houses, large individual houses, schools or glasshouses where heat isn’t readily available.

Biomass boilers vary in their tolerance of wet fuel, with most running well on chips with a moisture content higher than 30%.

Biomass combustion takes place in the following four stages which can occur simultaneously:

Warming and Drying – Warming and drying of woodchips have several advantages including weight reduction, preservation and an increase in heating value.
Pyrolysis – The thermal decomposition of materials at high temperatures in an inert atmosphere; which involves a change of chemical composition that’s irreversible.
Gasification – Converting organic or fossil fuel-based carbonaceous materials into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Power derived from gasification of the resultant gas is a source of renewable energy as it was obtained from biomass.
Combustion of gases – Biomass fuels emit carbon dioxide when the carbon reacts with oxygen during combustion. This is because the biomass has absorbed the carbon from the CO2 in the atmosphere during its growth. The combustion of biomass is considered to be CO2 neutral.

Quality Guaranteed with Our Biomass Fuel P16 in Staffordshire

When it comes to biomass fuel P16, it is vital to thoroughly screen and process the biomass fuel to remove contaminants, especially if the biomass fuel is to be used as animal bedding or fuel! At P.H. Winterton & Son, we only source our biomass fuel P16 from the joinery manufacturing industry. This enables us to consistently produce a grade A wood residue, free from debris and harmful contaminants such as metal and chemical substances. A guaranteed high level of purity isn’t the only benefit of choosing our biomass fuel either!

Our biomass fuel P16 is a naturally dry form of fuel, is very cost-effective in comparison to using other forms of fuel and it contains <25% moisture. In addition to this, the fuel is carbon neutral, meaning it does not release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Order Your Biomass Fuel Today

In addition to supplying P16 biomass fuel, we also offer P35 so if you are interested in our biomass fuel in Staffordshire or you would like to find about other areas we supply to such as Derbyshire, Cheshire, and Nottinghamshire, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Based in the Midlands, we can easily supply our biomass fuel P16 in Staffordshire and surrounding areas in a variety of delivery vehicles depending on what would best suit your needs.