Biomass fuel in Cheshire

Shavings From P.H. Winterton & Son

Here at P.H. Winterton & Son, we understand that the well-being and comfort of your animals is of paramount importance, which is why we aim to provide the highest quality shavings possible. Below is a summary of the quality shavings that we offer:

  • Equine Bedding

At P.H. Winterton, we offer two high quality equine shavings, our dependable Economy-Bale and our luxurious Cheshire Choice shavings. The Economy-Bale is a standard double dust extracted wood shaving that provides optimum comfort for your horses whilst also being highly convenient for you. The texture of our economy bale allows for easy cleaning out and removal and the high standard of the bale also means that it lasts between cleans.

Our premium option, the Cheshire Choice shavings, go one step further in its quality with a unique dust extraction system that ensures a safe, clean environment for your horses which prevents respiratory problems from developing. It is made of 100% soft wood, meaning that it is the best value for your money due to its absorbency and long-lasting nature.

  • Industrial Bedding

The industrial shavings we supply have multiple purposes and can be used in a wide variety of instances, including packaging, fuel, particle board and food smoking. It is also highly absorbent meaning that it is the perfect material for soaking up industrial spills and reducing moisture.

  • Biomass Fuel 

We also supply quality shavings intended as a biomass fuel. One of the key issues affecting the biomass fuel market is reliability. At P.H. Winterton & Son, we can ensure that our product is of a uniform size, 35mm and above, and is free from debris and contaminants such as metal. We pride ourselves on supplying high quality, reliable products.

  • Poultry Bedding

Our poultry shavings range from 45 cu yds  to 130 cu yds and help to ensure a clean, safe environment for your poultry. It is highly absorbent and will assist in preventing detrimental issues such as the development and spread of salmonella, E.coli, Campylobacter, Aspergillus and Candida. Our poultry range can also be treated with an anti-fungal solution that will ensure that your poultry lives in the most hygienic environment possible.

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