Controlling Your Cows Weight Ready In The Spring

Controlling Your Cows Weight Ready In The Spring

By on Apr 12, 2022 in Blog |

Cubicle bedding in Staffordshire and all around the country will have recently been littered with cows gearing up for the inevitable freedom spring will bring. Temperatures are on rise and as such, grass will seem all the more appealing. 

In order for your cows to maximise their spring experience, you will want to control and monitor their weight. 

Many animals wish to control their weight in the spring and during the build up to summer. Whilst many people believe this is due to pure aesthetic, being in better physical condition actually offers a vast range of benefits. During the hotter months, if your cows are overweight they will not only find mobility significantly harder but they might struggle with heat exhaustion. 

There are many ways to help your cows control their weight, so let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways we can do this. 

Monitor Their Protein Intake

Feeding your cow’s protein provides many advantages. Proteins are essential to your cow’s energy and productivity levels. Without vital proteins, your cows will not be able to carry out simple exercises and furthermore; they will not be able to roam fields freely to collect their all important food. 

However, you will be sure not to overfeed your cows too much protein. It is recommended that most cows require 1.5 pounds of protein a day. During periods of gestation, your cow might require up to 2 pounds. This can vary even more when your cow is lactating; during this period your cow usually requires much more. 

Whilst you might evaluate that feeding your cow too much protein will cause them to gain weight (this can sometimes be the case), overfeeding them protein can actually cause your cow to lose weight. But this is not normally the healthiest option. If they over consume protein, your cows can end up burning off ammonia which can be a detriment to your cow’s health. 


Just like humans, the more exercise cows get can help them lose weight. If cows are provided with comfy cubicle bedding, they might not want to stand up from their suitable slumber. 

However, you should motivate your cows to get up and get some much needed exercise. It is recommended that cows exercise in the morning. Not only is this easier on your cows, especially in the summer as they will be exercising during the part of the day the temperatures are at their mildest; but scientists have found this technique can drastically improve milk production later in the day. 

Schedule Meals and Eating Routines

If left to their own devices, your cows will eat to their heart’s content. This will lead directly to significant and potentially problematic weight gain. 

To mitigate the effects of weight gain due to an over access of food consumption, you will want to develop an eating routine. This should incorporate a healthy mix of fibre and, as previously touched upon, proteins. 

Do You Require More Help With Controlling Your Cows Weight? 

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