Remain an Optimum Health for Your Show Horses with Our Horse Bedding in Staffordshire

Remain an Optimum Health for Your Show Horses with Our Horse Bedding in Staffordshire

By on Aug 6, 2018 in Blog, Horse bedding in Staffordshire |

Do your horses have important shows coming up this summer? Make sure they are show ready with the best health by having the correct horse bedding in Staffordshire.

Here at P.H. Winterton, we have been in the horse bedding industry since 1959, supplying the finest quality horses bedding across the UK.

Since its important to make sure your horses are healthy when training or preforming shows, ensuring that their bedding is comfortable, safe, and clean is essential for the best results – our bedding can help them reach their full potential!

Achieve the Best Outcome with Our Horse Bedding in Staffordshire

With recent studies indicating that a large percent of horses are sensitive to high levels of dust, you can feel at ease knowing that our horse bedding in Staffordshire is double-dust extracted and free from harmful chemicals. This means your horses will be able to breathe easy in their stables and preform better due to a healthier respiratory system… That alone is worth having treating your horses to new bedding!

Accompanied with this fantastic benefit, our Cheshire Choice bedding is extremely comfortable for your horses due to the soft wood and high absorbency to remain hygiene levels.

If this bedding hasn’t already impressed you enough, it’s also temperature regulated… Allowing your horses to cope with the hot summer nights – with all these fantastic benefits, its hard to resist our horse bedding in Staffordshire!

Order Your Horse Bedding in Staffordshire & We Will Deliver

To ensure you get the best experience with our premium horse bedding in Staffordshire, contact us and we can help you decide which size and amount will be best for you.

Since we are a leading supplier of animal bedding, you might also want to consider our other services such as poultry bedding, cubicle bedding, pet bedding, and even biomass fuel. We can even supply our horse bedding to other areas such as Derbyshire and Cheshire!