Protect Your Animals This Summer with Our Horse Bedding in Derbyshire

Protect Your Animals This Summer with Our Horse Bedding in Derbyshire

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Here at P.H. Winterton, we like to make our horse bedding in Derbyshire the most beneficial and safe bedding in the area. With our dedicated team making sure that all wood shavings have quality in every woodchip, you can feel at ease knowing your equine animals are only getting the best to maintain their health and happiness.

With summer nearly upon us, it’s important to consider the horse bedding you are currently using, and you should ask yourself the following questions: Is it temperature controlled? Is it safe for their respiratory system? Is it comfortable to lie on, easy to clean out, and affordable? If you have answered “no” to any of these, we have the solution for you!

Horse Bedding in Derbyshire That’s Better Than the Rest

During the time we have been supplying horse bedding in Derbyshire, we’ve noticed that some are unaware of the necessity of having the correct equine bedding – especially in the summer and winter months! We have plenty of experience in this field, and by working with us, we can give you the bedding that is perfect for your animals lifestyle.

We currently have two options of horse bedding in Derbyshire, both of which are used in stables all over the UK! Lets start with the fantastic Cheshire Choice equine bedding. With a unique temperature adjusting feature, and a dust extraction system. The bedding is free from harmful substances allowing your horses to breathe easy at night, keep cool in the summer, and have a cosy place to rest in the winter. This option is an all-round favourite and we know your horses will love it!

Another great option is the Economy Bale which offers amazing value for money – read more about it by clicking here

Order Your Horse Bedding in Derbyshire Before Summer

To know more information about our supply of horse bedding in Derbyshire, feel free to contact us today with any enquires…

We can even supply to other areas such as Staffordshire and Cheshire, so whatever you need from us, we’re guaranteed to have it!