How To Keep Your Chickens Cool This Summer

How To Keep Your Chickens Cool This Summer

By on Jun 17, 2022 in Blog |

At P.H.Winterton, we supply quality poultry bedding in Derbyshire and Staffordshire. As such, we believe it our duty to help our customers with potentially insight tips and tricks to look after their chickens. 

In the summer, chickens can come under significant pressure from soaring temperatures and extreme heat. It is commonly acknowledged but chickens, much like other animals it must be said, struggle to keep themselves cool during the summer period. 

In fact, statistically speaking; chickens are in much more danger during the height of summer than during the potentially freezing temperatures of winter. 

Generally speaking, temperatures over 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 23 degrees Celsius can start to have a drastic impact on your chicken. In these temperatures, chicken can suffer from extreme heat exhaustion and heat stroke. This leads to a decrease in appetite, generally deteriorating health and problems with egg production. In addition, heavier chickens can sometimes become more exhausted in lower temperatures due to their extra body mass. 

While we might not always see these temperatures from our poultry bedding in Staffordshire and Derbyshire, there is no harm in preparing for when these days eventually arrive. 

So let’s go over some of our top tips to help your chickens remain cool this summer. 

Provide Shade

We start with what might seem like the most obvious solution to elevating your chicken’s heat exhaustion. It might go without saying but by providing chickens with shade, your chickens will not be directly exposed to the sun. Without the sun beating down on them, your chickens will lead a much healthier lifestyle.

You can provide shade to your chickens by simply having trees shelter their poultry bedding or covering their set play area. 

Give Them Cold Treats 

During hot and humid days; many of us will indulge in a cold treat such as an ice cream or ice cold drink to help cool us down. This is not too dissimilar to what your chickens can do. 

When deciding which treats to give to your chickens; you will want to decipher which ones are best for hot weather. Some carb centred treats can actually increase your chicken’s body temperature. As such, you will want to provide your chickens with cold, high moisture and fresh treats. These can include treats such as watermelon and other fruits and vegetables.

Cool Fresh Water

Access to fresh clean water might go without saying when it comes to helping to keep your chickens cool, however, you should ensure that your chickens do indeed have access to it.

While the fresh clean water is beneficial for drinking, they can also be bathed in. Giving your chickens a quick wash while you have it. A quick bath has proven pretty effective at cooling your chickens down. 

Use Sprinklers 

Whilst on the topic and wetting your chickens with cold water to cool them down, you might want to put the sprinklers on and furthermore; you might want to sprinkle them with cold water. Although this might seem like a small touch, it has actually proven to have some positive results. 

Avoid Overcrowding 

If there are a lot of people in a crowded area, then the area will get warmer a lot easier. The same can be said for your chickens. Because of this; you will want to avoid overcrowding your animal bedding as this will potentially make your chickens too hot.

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