Quality biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire

Quality biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire

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Keep your animals safe with organic biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire!

Since the day we have been established in 1959, we understand the farming industry deeply… We know that having the correct bedding for your animals not only improves their well-being, but also improves productivity and quality of your products. Because of this reason, we use biomass fuel from the joinery industry to create a grade A wood that’s free from any dangerous chemicals – this makes our bedding reliable and sustainable which we guarantee you will love for many years. Our biomass fuel is also great for the industrial industry to generate heat or power!

Choose P.H. Winterton for biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire

The need for biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire is becoming increasingly popular to use for biomass fuel and it’s not hard to tell why! Biomass fuel can be used for bedding due to the exceptional quality, not to mention they are environmentally friendly due to their low energy densities and renewable qualities.

All our products are debris free to keep out harmful contaminants making it the safest form of animal bedding in the UK. The bedding that we supply has excellent absorbency so that it’s easier to clean, along with being extra comfortable for your animals.

Here at P.H. Winterton, our team have designed our own biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire to create organic equine and cubicle bedding – if you are interested in poultry industry, feel at ease knowing that our bedding will help to reduce the risk of Salmonella, E. coli, and much more!

Talk to our team about biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire

We promise that you will love the efficiency of our products! If you are eager to help the environment or want to know more about our biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire, why not give us a call? We can chat to you about our products and help you to pick bedding that’s tailored to your requirements – we currently have two sizes such as the P16 and P35.