Why Shavings are Great for Cattle Bedding

Why Shavings are Great for Cattle Bedding

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Good quality shavings from P.H Winterton and Son is the best bedding material for dairy cows and their cubicles all over the country.

Our bedding materials are light in weight, easy-to-use and work well with automated scrapers and slurry systems.

High-quality cattle bedding needs to be non-abrasive, dry, highly absorbent, does not cause clouds of dust and keeps your cows clean and comfortable and handles well in slurry systems.

Invest in the Finest Cow Bedding

Investing in the best cattle bedding ensures your cows do not get hock infections, experience high levels of mastitis, lameness or high cell counts. These issues can result in reduced lying times and less milk produced.

Hock infections are a major cause of lameness in dairy cows and can lead to wound infections that could result in abortions in cows.

Poor quality shavings can also cause damage to the skin which if it comes into contact with bacteria can result in hock or foot infections which can impact on their performance. Comfort for cows is extremely important as an extra hour of lying time could be worth a litre of milk.

Bacteria only multiply in warm, damp conditions which means keeping cubicle beds and bedding dry with adequate ventilation. This removes moisture from buildings, reduces humidity and allows beds to dry.

The Best Shavings Bedding from PH Winterton

P.H Winterton and Son offer three types of cubicle bedding which is ideal for cattle.

Firstly we have soft-dust bedding that is made from 100% softwood that is kiln-dried and made to the highest standards.

Our agri-dust sawdust has become one of the most popular brands of sawdust across the UK because of its quality and consistency. Its grains are screened to 3mm or less which leaves less chance of abrasion or illness that can be caused by other animal bedding.

P.H Winterton has also added Zebra Fibre animal bedding to our range, which can be used as both cow or equine bedding because of its superb absorbency qualities.

If you would like to know more about our cow bedding products, please contact us today.