Top 7 Equestrian Sport Activities

Top 7 Equestrian Sport Activities

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By now, many of the winter and spring blues should have hopefully dissipated. We have frequently covered the ins and outs of equine bedding and why correct and proper maintenance is essential. We have not spent too much time talking about what happens after your horse leaves the stable however. 

This is why we thought it an opportune time to cover some of the most popular and traditional equestrian sport activities. 

Shop Jumping

We start our list with arguably the most recognisable equestrian there is. First appearing at the 1900 Olympics, the sport would not actually return until the 1912 edition of competition. The activity of show jumping is commonly enjoyed at various equestrian shows around the country. 

A permanent fixture at events such as the American Gold Cup and the World’s Championship Horse Show. Equestrian show jumping is enjoyed by many viewers worldwide. 


Another popular Olympic sport, Eventing is a showstopping equestrian triathlon. Eventing is the perfect combination of dressage, jumping and cross country all performed by a single rider and their trusty horse. 

The rider must showcase an incredible amount of skill and expertise in all disciplines. At the end of the performance, a team of experienced judges provide a score delicate to the quality of the performance. 


Dressage is where horses, typically ridden by mainly a female rider, perform a sequence of carefully constructed acrobatic sequences. After the performance is carried out, they are delicate scores by a team of judges. 

Endurance Riding 

Considered quite a timeless sport; endurance riding is very popular in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and New Zealand. 

Endurance riding has the clear distinction of being one of the few equestrian sports that test a horse’s ability and poshure over a long period of time. 

Steeplechase Racing

Not to be confused with the version that sees people navigate various obstacles; steeplechase horse racing is where horses and their riders jump over diverse fences and ditch obstacles. 

Because this support requires a significant amount of speed, thoroughbred horses are needed to participate. 


The equestrian sport of vaulting integrates combines dance and gymnastics. The performing horse is attached to a longueur (which is a long line controller operated by their trainer). 

The longueur controls the speed and gait of the horse as it performs circular movements. Whilst the horse does this, riders perform gymnastics on the back of the horse. 


Particularly popular in North American countries, reining is designed to showcase the different athletic abilities of a ranch style horse. At the end of a performance, a score is provided by judges. This score is usually out of 70 and is based on how well the horse executed their set performance. 

Equine Bedding is Essential to Your Horse’s Activities

Now you have a better understanding of some of the most popular and skilful equestrian sports, why not ensure they have the best equine bedding so they will have the best chance of success at these sports.

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