Why should I buy horse shavings in bulk?

Why should I buy horse shavings in bulk?

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Converting to bulk rather than bagged horse shavings bedding is one way that stables can save on expenses.

It can feel like you are throwing money away with bagged bedding, as you you have to buy the bedding plus the expense of cleaning it and then disposing of it. When buying bags of bedding this can add up fast, whereas bulk buying can save on expenses.

Bulk horse shavings have a smaller price tag because of the economies of scale.

Since bulk materials arrive loose, either in a trailer or the back of a dump truck, there is no plastic waste. Stables focused on environmental impact can use bulk products to help cut down on non-recyclable plastic.

Reliable supplier of horse shavings

Find a reliable supplier (such as PH Winterton) is the key to success with bulk bedding.

Once you decide to bulk buy bedding you will need a place to store it. This could be a designated shed, a corner of the arena, underneath a lean-to or in a covered trailer that is used to pick up the bedding are all common choices. Ensure you pick a spot that is out of the weather and convenient to use so that it is not a battle at chore time.

PH Winterton sources a number of our horse bedding products from sawmill waste collections, which can also be used for biomass fuel.

Not only are sawdust and shavings useful for the maintenance of livestock, but they can also be used to make sawdust mulch. The sawdust is mixed with compost or grass clippings to produce a mulch that is extremely effective for acid-loving plants and helps your plants prosper.

Contact us with any questions

If you have any questions about equine bedding, please do not hesitate to get in touch with PH Winterton now. Our horse bedding products are available to customers across the country including deliveries to Worcestershire and Herefordshire.