The Most Effective Poultry Bedding in Derbyshire!

The Most Effective Poultry Bedding in Derbyshire!

By on May 14, 2018 in Blog |

Finding the right poultry bedding in Derbyshire for your birds has just got easier with P.H. Winterton! With some many years of experience in the animal bedding industry, we have perfected our poultry stock and have some of the highest quality, and reliable bedding available in the UK.

If you want bedding to keep your chickens comfortable in egg boxes, or your in the poultry production, our poultry bedding is the first step to remain the health and happiness of your animals.

No Other Poultry Bedding in Derbyshire Like Ours…

If you think that poultry bedding is just about creating a warm place for your chickens, then think again! Not only will our poultry bedding in Derbyshire keep your animals cosy, our premium brands help egg laying, healthy growth, and their overall happiness – so there really is some fantastic benefits that you can gain from choosing us.

Over the years, we have become to understand the importance of finding the correct poultry bedding in Derbyshire, so you’re completely satisfied with our products. It has been proven that some types of poultry bedding excrete a huge amount of dust that can damage their respiratory system… With our soft-dust shavings there is over 80% less dust so you can feel at ease knowing your chicks are happy and free from harm.

Another great product that we stock due to their amazing properties is the Economy bale. These hard and soft wood shavings are double dust extracted, easy to clean, designed to not irritate, and temperature neutralising – you simply cant go wrong with this product!

Chat to Us About Poultry Bedding in Derbyshire

If you are in the agricultural industry and would like to chat about what our poultry bedding in Derbyshire can do for you, feel free to contact us today and we can help you choose a bedding that suits all your requirements… We also have other bedding for the equine sector, biomass fuel, and even pet bedding!