The Most Remarkable Shavings for Animal Bedding, Biomass Fuel, & Industrial Services!

The Most Remarkable Shavings for Animal Bedding, Biomass Fuel, & Industrial Services!

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Here at P.H. Winterton, quality, convenience, and reliability are the most important things to provide to our customers… Known through Derbyshire, Staffordshire, and Cheshire for having the most beneficial shavings on the market, our animal bedding, industrial, and biomass services are carried out using remarkable grade A wood residue from the joinery industry.

Since we are a family ran business who take great pride in offering a diverse range of services and products, we are perfect for the agricultural, industrial, and domestic sectors looking for a solution on animal bedding, saving money on heating bills, and reducing the chance of slips in the workplace.

What Make Our Shavings So Great?

As mentioned above, our shavings are sourced from the joinery industry, meaning that we only get the best wood for our products with amazing beneficial properties….

Any animal bedding we create is carefully selected from our dedicated team to absolutely make sure there are no harmful substances included in any batches. All shavings are made from 100% softwood for comfort and warmth, and we currently supply our bedding to the equine, poultry, and cubicle industry. We are said to be the number one choice for animal bedding across the region!

Other amazing benefits you can gain from our bedding is a double dust extraction system to protect your animals respiratory system and a unique temperature regulating structure to maintain and ideal warmth in stables, cubicles, and huts.

For biomass fuel, our wood produce is the perfect component for creating a natural source of energy that could save you money on heating and electricity bills, along with keeping the environment healthy!

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If you would like to speak to our experts about shavings and determine whether our products would be suitable to your situation, contact us for a chat and we will be happy to help you with advice and enquires.