Managing the Heatwave & Your Budget with Our Horse Shavings in Derbyshire

Managing the Heatwave & Your Budget with Our Horse Shavings in Derbyshire

By on Jul 6, 2018 in Equine Bedding |

Are you considered about the health of your horses during the heatwave? Maybe they’re feeling sluggish or not themselves? Our supply of horse shavings in Derbyshire is just what you need to create a comfortable and safe place in your stables – especially during this hot weather!

By choosing P.H.Winterton for quality softwood shavings, we’re a family ran business who take pride in our services, and your guaranteed to get excellent value for money, a product that lasts, and a range of benefits for both yourself and your animals…

Horses Shavings in Derbyshire That Offer Many Benefits

When looking for horse shavings in Derbyshire during this time of year, one of the most important things to consider is if your horses won’t overheat in their stables…With our fabulous Cheshire Choice equine bedding, we have resolved this problem by temperature regulated 100% softwood, so you can feel at ease knowing your horses will feel cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.

Other fantastic benefits you can gain from our horse shavings in Derbyshire includes a unique dust extraction system, allowing your horses to breath easy and protect their respiratory system. Particularly useful for horses who preform shows, and they also have a high absorbency, so its easier to clean out, lasts longer, and remains comfortable for a longer period.

Do your horses have sensitive skin? Our Economy bale is the one for you! This includes all the features of the Cheshire Choice bedding, however it’s extremely hygienic and is guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals or irritants – just what you need to remain their happiness.

Order as Much Horses Shavings in Derbyshire as You Want!

If you are based in surrounding areas of Staffordshire, you may be wondering how much horse shavings in Derbyshire we can deliver to you – the answer is we can deliver to you as much and little as you like using our Artic lorries and tipper units!

If you would like to know more information about our quality shavings and why we are the leading supplier of animal bedding, feel free to contact us today!