Horse Shavings in Derbyshire For A Range of Stable Types & Purposes

Horse Shavings in Derbyshire For A Range of Stable Types & Purposes

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During this time of year, finding the right horse shavings in Derbyshire for your stables is extremely important to remain the happiness and safety of your horses… By using our supply of premium shavings from P.H. Winterton, you will experience a range of benefits at amazing prices!

Perfect for the agricultural industry and known to be one of the best supplies of horse bedding, our shavings have been carefully selected by us to ensure quality is guaranteed.

No Other Horse Shavings Like Ours

Unsure about which kind of horse shavings in Derbyshire is best for you? Our team will help you decided based on your budget and requirements… We are experts in the horse bedding industry, and since 1959, we have become one of the leading suppliers of animal bedding!

We currently have two types of horse bedding that are designed to suit most applications and are truly impressive in terms of value for money and the number of benefits… If you want bedding that is practical, comfortable, and safe for your horses, then you absolutely need to try the Cheshire Choice shavings!

Made from the UK’s best animal bedding substance, 100% softwood, including natural frequencies that make your horses feel relaxed – this bedding has excellent absorbency and soft textures to remain high hygiene levels in your stables.

Other fabulous benefits you will receive from our horse shavings in Derbyshire include a temperature regulating system, a double dust extraction system, and lightweight shavings for an easy cleanout – there is absolutely nothing that this bedding cannot provide.

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Contact Us to Order Your Horse Shavings in Derbyshire

Even though we are based in Staffordshire, your supply of horse shavings in Derbyshire can be delivered straight to you in small or large quantities by our large fleet vehicles.

If you have other animals such as chickens, you may also want to consider our poultry bedding… Take a look by clicking here or contact us for more information!